No matter who you are, where you live or what you do- at some point in your life you will deal with at least one hater.

Perhaps it’s a “friend” or colleague, a teacher or a boss, it could be a stranger from the internet or even a member of your own family. Whoever it is, and however it manifests itself there are plenty of ways to be the bigger person.

  • It’s all about them– people tend to hate what they don’t understand, or hate someone because they have achieved what they couldn’t. It doesn’t have to make sense for someone to have that emotion. So, while you can never read the haters mind, there is a pretty good chance that they really are just jealous. Does that make them go away? No, but it helps you get over the fact that you are inundated by this numskull.
  • It’s about you– I know, I just said it’s about them- but, they hate you so it about you to some degree. Maybe they enjoy getting under your skin, they have identified your weakness and they really get off and pushing your buttons and watching you have a meltdown. Sure, you probably didn’t invite it, and you definitely don’t deserve it but your reaction to it is what drivers a hater to keep on hating. Haters have this innate ability to find something that makes you feel small and exploit it. Don’t get mad, use it as a way to learn about yourself- understand your weaknesses and turn them into opportunities.

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The best way to deal with haters is by ignoring them, the biggest trolls continue to troll because there’s always some poor sap who is willing to feed them. You might be tempted to engage to understand why they’re giving you so much hate, but that is exactly what they want. Don’t even acknowledge it, whether directly or indirectly. Instead focus on the positive interactions that you have with people- there is no need to reward a hater.

Think about it like this: not everyone will like you, and not everyone will appreciate what you do. In life there will always be someone that is trying to pull you down, and while we can speculate with regards to their motivation you will never truly understand why they do what they do. So, don’t waste your time trying to figure it out.

Everyone has heard the phrase: “haters gonna hate” and it’s a common phrase for a reason, because it is absolutely true. While people are trying to compete with you and your success, you can continue going about your business to be the very best person you can be.

Haters are generally sad people with nothing better to do with their time than hate on you. They’re self-righteous and they are desperate for attention- don’t give it to them.

Forget the haters, just do you. Oh by the way, let us wish the haters live longer to see us successful !