Pipcoin is Africa’s FIRST Crypto-currency. It is an open source, privacy centric digital currency with instant global transactions. It allows you to keep your finances private as well as prevent anyone from having access to your funds or freezing your account.

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After its official launch in 2016 it came under very serious criticism and bad publicity(which a lot of good media came out of it) when it was linked to a “pyramid and Ponzi” schemes due to lack of understanding and education of digital currency in South Africa, this can be seen by just looking up “Pipcoin” on Google, However, we have continued to educate more people about Pipcoin and Crypto-currencies as a whole; our efforts have been met with both good and bad judgments but after a whole year of educational seminars and construction of websites to educate people about Pipcoin, we have managed to help many to differentiate between the fake and the real Pipcoin.

Over and above: Pipcoin is an emerging digital currency that seeks to revolutionize accessibility and raise awareness about the importance of online trading and crypto-currency to the multitudes of both the aspirant traders and those who are completely unaware of the abounding benefits and opportunities offered by the digital market. Thus, for all its worth as a potential life-changing tool, we want both Pipcoin and Forex trading to be everybody’s business.

Learn more about Pipcoin at Pipchain.info


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