The Art of Trading: Refined Kindle Edition

by Ref Wayne

Uncover how you can become a successful Forex trader even as a complete beginner.

Are you interested in discovering proven strategies to help you break into Forex trading and start turning a profit? Or are you looking for a step-by-step, beginner’s approach to trading, without all the technical terms and jargon? Then it’s time to try this book.
Forex trading is a lucrative market which has turned many aspiring entrepreneurs into millionaires. But far from being out of reach to normal people, the truth is that anyone can learn to master Forex trading – you just need the right knowledge.
Now, join expert Forex trader and self-made millionaire, Refiloe ‘Ref Wayne’ Nkele as he unveils the must-know strategies and trading tricks that the pros use every day. Dropping out of the 9th grade to pursue his dream of Forex trading, Refiloe uncovers the fundamental insights that every beginner trader needs to know.